Case Studies

  • A Brazilian football club has engaged us to advise on mobile payment technology for use at their new stadium and for use at the 2014 World Cup
  • In conjunction with a major investment bank, we investigated the possibility of developing a scheme to allow Formula 1 motor racing teams to raise money on the security of broadcasting monies payable via FIA
  • A project company asked us to advise on the financing and development of a number of multi-purpose arena throughout the UK including lease financing of IT networks and "real time" smartseat technology
  • Nigel, in his role as the leader of a team of lawyers, advised the English National Stadium Trust on the acquisition of the old stadium from Wembley Plc
  • We have advised a proposed purchaser of a Premier League football club on its existing joint venture media arrangements
  • We have developed over 15 specific football financing products which have been used to complete over 70 player transfer contract financings and almost 20 broadcasting financings for domestic and international football clubs
  • A financing company asked us to advise them on the development of various financial products to be made available to Premier League rugby teams
  • we have created an insurance backed financing product to be used by a super car club to purchase new vehicles